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  • BeeBop does the UK

    BeeBop is very happy. BeeBop has finally got the portfolio to 0% today, out of negative territory. BeeBop's poor purchased of "sound" Bonmarche shares (still holding) had absolutely TANKED last year but as BeeBop will NOT make a loss (as yet), BeeBop was waiting for better retail times. And today BON climbed 10% (ok so a 10% climb does nothing much to recover their original purchase price it is a good improvement). Thanks to Mrs May, there is plenty of energy in the market to pick up and make good gains on several good stocks. My recent EMR and LLoyds purchases PLUS my emerging market fund have been doing well and now I am going to enter into POSITIVE territory again on this particular portfolio.

    As BeeBop is in the UK at the moment and is reading some of the local info, BeeBop is now exploring a new AIM listed share idea: FLO.L which may well be on the purchase list for later this quarter.

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    BebBop you may like this.



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        Hi bebop I have recently joined the group. I have shares in UK stock market I.e. GSK, BP etc. Not doing much due to Brexit etc. Do you buy NZ shares versus UK shares and reasons why you would? Is there a similar Forum to this in the UK that you would recommend? I look forward to your comments.


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          Racevil, Welcome to the forum. I buy UK shares very actively as the size, action, and growth has been good for me there. Additionally, and more importantly, I have many uses for GBP! If you are able to send me a private message, I will let you know where I post. No disrespect to this forum, but there was not enough viewing/input for me to continue my posting in this thread, so I continued on the "other" site IYKWIM.

          The forums here are much better than the UK ones...UK is too big but there are ways of finding out lots of things for the UK and information is far easier to get for the UK market.

          Happy to help you,